Body Treatments

*All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Prices do not include gatuity.

Aromatherapy Mud Treatments

55 Minute Sessions.....$75.00**


Choose From:


Desert Oasis

This adobe red colored clay treatment revitalizes, improves energy, spirituality and leaves you with healthy, radiant skin. Contains: Vitamin B3, Aloe Vera Gel, and Willow Bark Extract.


Honey Avocado

This greenish/yellow colored clay treatment relieves stress, softens and moisterizes the skin. Contains pure wildflower honey, avocado oil extract, Vitamin B3, and Aloe Vera Gel.


Deep Penetrating Mud Pack

This natural grey colored fango is a super detoxifying deep penetrating mud pack with natural salycin aspirin for sore muscles and joints. Contains white willow bark, and meadow sweet extracts. Used as far back as 500BC to ease pain.


Body Polish

55 Minute Sessions.....$75.00

First your body is brushed all over to lossen the dead skin cells. Then you are scrubbed with a solution of sea salt and algae marine gel to remove the dead cells and finally a moisturizer is applied to leave your skin feeling new and refreshed.


** Add a 30 Minute Massage.....$100.00 / Add a 55 Minute Massage.....$120.00       to any of the above Body Treatments

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