Massage Treatments

European Massage

Full body massage, relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation, and provides feeling of tranquility and heightened well being.

30 Minute Session (Upper Body Only).....$35.00

55 Minute Session.....$60.00

90 Minute Session.....$90.00


Aromatherapy Massage

Combines European massage techniques with bleanded essential oils and herbs for an overall calming, sensual, or energizing effect on body and mind.

55 Minute Session.....$65.00


Therapeutic Massage

A deeper massage that targets specific muscles to relieve tension and stress.

55 Minute Session.....$65.00


Heated Stone Massage

A traditional Native American healing art, concentrating on relieving tension areas caused by stress.

60 Minute Session.....$90.00


Reflexology Massage

This pressure point massage works reflexes in the hands and/or feet which corresponds to specific points in the body. Promotes relaxation as well as the body's natural capacity to heal itself.

30 Minute Session.....$35.00

*All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Prices do not include gatuity.

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